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Our Ministries

Choice International Ministries has a myriad of ways to serve. Choice has passionate, vibrant, and outstanding people that serves their church weekly. Our volunteers know that all we do at Choice is to glorify Jesus through serving. We know its the least we can do to serve a God like ours.

He never ceases to bless us so we choose to return a small portion of the favor he gives us daily. 

We worship our God not only by singing, but our worship translates through intentional servitude. We are very intentional about serve the Lord in the way he desires. 

Route 46

Route 46 youth group points the next generation to Jesus. They seek to point people to Jesus on their level with fun, food, music and a relevant word for all student. Route 46 is comprised of middle school and college age students. Sign your student up today! 

MOS (Men Of Strength) Ministry

Men of Strength has made impacts in so many of the brother around the community! We take them from the streets and thrust then into an environment that teaches life skills, working abilities, daily concepts that helps catapult them into healthy sustainable living. This is a very effective ministry that mentors the broken!

Evangelism Ministry

This ministry focuses on people from "without" of the church rather than from within. They focus on leading people to Jesus Christ any and everywhere. "Go ye there and teach all nations." Matthew 28:19

2B1 Marriage Ministry 

Choice International Ministries firmly believes in the institution of marriage. Strong families are the effect of strong marriages. We help to build a culture of strong and loyal marriages through counseling, godly advice, mentorship and partnerships. We seek to grow strong relationships with the help of Jesus Christ and our guide. 

WOU (Women Of Unity) Ministry

Women of Unity is a unique group of ladies that seek to unify the women of God to gather in one place. They empower each other through life lessons that are relatable to the ladies they serve in the community. This ministry mentors and builds up the women from being average into being virtuous.

Choice Creative

Choice Creative comprises of worship, band, dance, and production. This ministry focuses on the word of God through the arts. This ministry is a passionate, vibrant, and a cutting-edge ministry. This ministry operates under the prophetic with the intentions to point people to Jesus Christ through what people hear and see.

Visit us and experience the power of God at work

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