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A Modern Day Elijah”, “Prophet to the Nations”, “Father to the Fatherless”, are a few phrases that can label who Bishop Antoine M. Jasmine represents in the Kingdom. He is the spiritual son of the late Bishop Joseph Hargo of Houston, Texas who is the protégé of the late Apostle Richard D. Henton of Chicago, Illinois. Bishop Jasmine now holds a dual position of both Bishop and Prophet after being consecrated into the Episcopacy as Bishop Antoine M. Jasmine. The elevation to Bishop has historically made him the youngest Bishop in his residential region with lineage that is traced to Rome. Bishop Jasmine has earned his PhD in Christian Counseling in ?.,.August of 2015 and received his Doctorate in Divinity in December 2015, adding Dr. Antoine Jasmine to the list of accolades that he has acquired.


A highly sought-after Man of God, he is the General Overseer of Choice International Family Outreach Worship Center in LaPlace, Louisiana. In addition to his Kingdom responsibilities, he is a structured entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Member of the United Nations, and Author. Bishop Jasmine has been featured on TBN, “Rejoicing in the Word” with Bishop George Bloomer on the Word Network, Bishop Greg Davis Live on the Word Network, “This Is Your Day!” with Pastor Benny Hinn, many more. In November 2016, Bishop Jasmine received The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama. Bishop Jasmine is an established author with renowned publications such as “How to Dominate the Prophetic Realm”, “Fathering the Hood”, “What’s Up Son”, “Is It Only A Dream” and "My Super Friends Angels. Secrets to Activate Angelic Assistance." Bishop Jasmine was also included in the publication entitled, “Mr. President” that incorporated essays from faith leaders from various ethnic and religious backgrounds detailing the legacy of President Barack Obama.


Throughout his travels he has facilitated healing to those who are physically, spiritually, and emotionally dysfunctional. God has anointed him with an innate ability to see into the lives of all with accuracy and precision and with this special giftedness thrust them into their destiny. He continually shows himself to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient to all that God has called him to accomplish. Bishop Antoine Jasmine is God’s Man; he is the hub of versatility and strength for other prophets, his ministry and the world.

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